Half Lamb Packs

of Grass-fed Lamb


Half Lamb Pack


  • 8 x Forequarter Chops
  • 4 x Chump Chops
  • 10 x Cutlets
  • 5 x Loin Chops
  • 1 x tray Spare Ribs
  • 1 x tray Diced Lamb
  • 1 x small Roast
  • 1 x Leg Roast
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Pasture-raised lamb is a wholesome choice for your meals. Unlike conventional methods, where sheep are confined in feedlots, pasture-raised lamb grazes freely on open fields, and this is good for several reasons. First, it's healthier. The lambs enjoy a natural diet of grass and plants, which results in leaner, more nutritious meat. You can savor the authentic taste of lamb without worrying about excess fat.
Bones and Trim are also Added

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Weight 12.5 kg


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Grass fed and Grass Finished

We take great pride in offering some of the finest Lamb available, sourced and raised in a natural manner as nature intended.

Nothing but Meat

Our packs consist solely of quality produce that is ready to be used, unlike other online meat wholesalers who may charge you the same amount for dog bones.

Free Delivery

We can Delivery to most places, Just message us to find out

We use Cowra Lambs

We take great pride in sourcing our grass-fed lamb from the lush pastures of Southern NSW. We go above and beyond to ensure that we select the areas where the grass is at its greenest, allowing our lambs to graze on the finest quality feed available.

When it comes to lambs, the Cowra region holds an esteemed reputation for producing the best in Australia. The lambs raised in this region are known for their exceptional quality and flavor.


Grass Fed and Finished

Cut List

We have selected the most desired cuts for you, We can change the thickness of cuts if you want just choose that option.

10 x Cutlets

6 x Loin Chops

4 x Chump Chops

8 x Forequarter Chops

1 x 500g trays Diced Lamb

1 x small Roast

1 x Leg Roast

1 x Shanks

2 x Neck Chops

1 x trays Spare Ribs

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