Half Beast

of 100% Grass-fed Beef


Highland Farms Half a Cow


This is only a guide, We can accommodate for custom cuts and Thickness, We will contact you to discuss the Cutlist
  • 8 x Tbone Steaks
  • Full Eye Fillet
  • 8 x New York Steaks
  • 16 x Scotch Fillets
  • 8 x Rump Steaks
  • 8 x Blade Steaks
  • 4 x 500-600g tray of Beef Stir Fry
  • 4 x 500-600g tray of Diced Beef
  • 32 x BBQ Steaks
  • 8 x Blade Steaks (bone in)
  • 8 x Stewing Steaks
  • 16 x Osso Bucco
  • 16 x 500g Premium Beef Mince
  • 16 x trays of Beef Sausages (6 per tray)
  • 4 x Rolled Roast
  • 4 x Silverside
  • 4 x Brisket
  • Trim and Bones




Highland Farms' Half Beast is the perfect selection for families craving all-natural, vaccine-free, and antibiotic-free beef. Savor the genuine, rich taste of highland-raised meat while championing sustainable farming practices. Make the conscientious choice for your family's dining experience with Highland Farms' Half Beast.

Additional information

Weight 108 kg
Steak Thickness

Normal, Thick


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Cut List

We have selected the most desired cuts for you, We can change the thickness of cuts if you want just choose that option.

4 x Ribeye

10 x Scotch Fillets

8 x New York Steaks

8 x Rump Steaks

4 x Eye Fillet Steaks

8 x Tbone Steaks

8 x Blade Steaks

32 x BBQ Steaks

4 x 600g Beef Stir Fry

4 x Rolled Roast

4 x 600g Diced Beef

16 x 500g Mince

16 x Osso Bucco

4 x Brisket

4 x Silverside

16 x trays of Beef Sausages 6 per tray


8 x Chuck Steaks

Alternatively, we are more than happy to collaborate with you in customizing cuts according to your preferences. We understand the importance of catering to various allergies and intolerances, so please feel free to provide any specific dietary requirements or concerns in the form section below.

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