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In 1972, Gibson Angus was founded by William (Bill) Gibson in Dorrigo, NSW. Since then, the legacy has been carried forward by Dave Gibson, who has taken the breed of Black Angus to extraordinary heights. Under Dave Gibson's leadership, Gibson Angus has reached new levels of excellence. With a deep commitment to quality and innovation, he has elevated the Black Angus breed to unprecedented standards. Through careful breeding and meticulous attention to detail, Dave has set a new benchmark in the industry. Experience the culmination of decades of dedication and expertise with Gibson Angus. Our Black Angus cattle represent the pinnacle of breed excellence, thanks to Dave Gibson's unwavering passion and expertise. Trust in our legacy and taste the remarkable difference that Gibson Angus brings to your table.

Dave and Bill

From a young age, David, the son of Bill, displayed a profound fascination with the agricultural way of life, particularly the Angus stud. As early as 10 years old, he eagerly stepped forward to aid his father in the daily operations of the stud, showcasing his genuine enthusiasm and dedication.

More About Gibson Angus

In 2015, David and Shona took over the herd, continuing the legacy laid down by Bill. Together, they have been instrumental in further developing the strong foundation established by their predecessor.

With a shared vision and unwavering dedication, David and Shona have breathed new life into Gibson Angus. Their passion for the breed and commitment to excellence shine through in every aspect of their work. Even at a young age, their sons Hunter and Conrad are already actively involved, becoming an integral part of the thriving scene.

As a family-driven endeavor, Gibson Angus stands as a testament to the generations of commitment and love for Black Angus cattle. The future looks promising as the Gibson family carries the torch forward, ensuring the legacy continues to flourish.

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