Delivery Dates

We Deliver on a weekly and Monthly, But this is totally up to the Farm or Butcher, If you have questions please let us know

About our Deliverys

Do you Deliver to me?

We will try our Hardest, We use a Cold Courier that can reach most parts of NSW, QLD, VIC and ACT

How do i Check if you Deliver to my Address?

We can have the courier open up new routes for each delivery, Just ask us if we can we will find out and get back to you asap, But in most cases we can,

How much is Shipping?

Our standard flat rate for shipping is $19.95. However, for specific cases like half-body shipments, where the shipping cost amounts to $200, we will bear the additional shipping expense on our end.

About the Process

How does this all Work?

Upon receiving your order, we will allocate it to a body of Beef, Lamb or Pig. Once we have accumulated enough orders, we proceed to personally hand-select the Animal that is ready for transportation to the Abattoirs.

What if i Cancel My Order?

Well it Happens, So if you cancel your order and let us know before we hand select your Animal we can do a refund. If you wait until the last minute we can't refund your order

Why does it take so long to get our beef back?

Once we drop off your Angus Beef at the Abattoirs, it undergoes a 2-day processing period. Afterward, it is sent to our dedicated Butcher for a minimum of 10 days of hanging. During this time, the aging process begins. Once the aging process is complete, the Butcher cuts and packs your order on the day of or the day before it is shipped out.

We know you might have more Questions

We would be happy to answer any questions you might have. Please just Fill in the form below


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